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5 Ways to De-stress 24 Hours Before You Say “I Do”

Your wedding is 24 hours away! Woohoo! But also, I’m sure some nerves are setting in. Is everything set up, did I forget something, what happens if I spill wine on my white dress, what if it rains?! Your brain is probably going crazy, but I’m here to help you get through that. With these 5 tips, you are sure to relax and just focus on your groom and enjoying every minute.

1. Surround yourself with your friends

There’s nothing better than being with your best gal pals. They are your crew and they know you better than most people. I don’t know about you, but for me when I’m stressed I like to lean on my best friends and count on those silly moments and endless laughs. If you’re stressed, go talk to your friends and watch your favorite movie that you know all the lines to.

2. The Why

This is probably the most important tip for destressing. Remember your why. Take a moment and think about your future spouse. Think about the way he laughs, his smile, the way he says your name, his gentle hugs. Remember why you love him and the reason for the day – to start your adventure of forever. Tomorrow is about you and him and joining together for a lifetime. He loves you and you love him.

3. Pamper yourself

I love this step! Do a face mask, get a massage, go to a spa. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself the day before your wedding or even a couple days before. Your wedding day jitters will be gone before you know it.

4. Trust your vendors

Let’s be real. There is a reason you hired the vendors you did – because you trust them. With the clock ticking, it is now time to trust that you picked the best vendors and that they are working to best serve you. I can promise you that they want this day to go just as smoothly as you do.

5. Connect with your partner

There is a reason you are marrying the person that you are. Most likely because they understand you better than anyone and you trust them completely. Before your wedding, it is super important to connect and spend some time alone to remember your why and to enjoy these precious moments. Spend a little extra time in a hug or go for a sunset walk. I encourage you to find that needed rest and support from the love of your life.

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