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Hello 2022!

Paving the road for a more successful you in the year to come.

I’ve never been one for “new year new me.” I’m still not.

However, I find nothing wrong with wanting to make a change in your life – personally, professionally, spiritually, etc. The New Year incites those kinds of feelings of reflection, progress, and goal setting and why not try!

With 2021 closed and 2022 just kicking off it’s a great time to reflect on what is to come and what has already.

Meditate/pray/contemplate (whatever word you want to use) on how you are feeling, how this year has been, how you were challenged, how you succeeded. The list is endless really. But focus on where you were and where you have landed. Is it somewhere that you had prayed about and now live in? Is this place where you at just a stepping stone to your bigger destination? Are you struggling the see the silver lining? No matter the place, find peace in where you are because it isn’t permeant. You will get to where you want to be professionally, emotionally, in your relationship. Trust that with each up and down you will become a greater version of yourself.

I encourage you to bring out a pen and paper and write down what you have been exploring and then maybe some practical steps to achieve whatever it is you are set out to do. Maybe you want to find more peace in your home so something that might help in learning how to tidy and organize a different space in your home each week. Or maybe you want to stop using your phone past a certain time so set your phone to shut off apps at 6pm. When all the little things add up, you will most definitely see a change in your life.

For me, I decided to make some small changes to my life and business. I find I am more likely to follow through with a task when I write it down so I have compiled a little list of a few things I want to instill in my life.

  1. Decrease phone time dramatically! Especially after work hours. Imagine the amount of quality time that is available if we put down our phones (turn off the tv!) and be present with our families. Aidan and I have been working on this over the past few months and we are loving it (it is is challenging at times though and we call each other out all the time)! Instead of watching tv or scrolling endlessly on our phones, we play games, read, and crochet. Hit up your local game store to see what sparks your interest!
  2. Be more intentional with my business. I often go through highs and lows of running this business. One week I’ll be so inspired and get so much done, while other weeks I can barely get myself to touch my computer. It tends to be a cycle that I’m not proud of. To combat this, I plan on creating a work schedule that better allows me to use my time wisely without hitting serious slumps.
  3. Take better care of my soul! This probably sounds weird but it’s true. This past year has been hard on us as a family and I fell off the wagon a bit when it comes to my spirituality. I stopped praying daily, reading the Bible, going to confession, and in general, stopped trying to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. This took a toll of me and my family. It’s truly amazing what stumbling in your faith can do to your relationships. This year I plan to be more engaged in my faith by reading books that deepen my faith, return to the Bible, and spend time in quiet prayer everyday! I can’t wait to grow stronger this year as I guide my family into all the new adventures we may take.

So, what is on your heart? Where do you feel you need to take a step back and reevaluate your current life? It’s okay to not know right now but maybe spend some time in silence as you reflect back on this year and where you feel you could grow.

Let me know in the comments how you plan on making changes.

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