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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

You probably just got engaged (YAY!). What an exciting time, but then it hits ya… you have to plan a wedding (that is no easy task). You may know you want a large wedding at a country club or small, intimate gathering at a romantic vineyard. In either case, I hope you want a photographer to capture your day. 

First things first… pick your date. Then start researching photographers that fit the style that you want – true to life color, film-inspired, dark and moody, light and airy. Once you narrow it down to a few it’s time to start really digging. However, before you even do that you need to ask yourself how important are images to you.

For me, I did not cut corners for a great photographer. Why? Because these are the images that will be around for generations. They will go in albums, hang in frames. They will be passed down to your children. These images are the only physically memory of your one wedding day. I can not stress the importance of a great photographer well enough.  Do not cut corners is my only advice for that.

So back to your narrowed down list, read their packages and then simply pick which one is the best suited for your needs. Often, you can even meet with the potential photographer in person and get to know them. You want to be comfortable with this person because they will be there for your engagement photos and for your wedding (and every step of the way). During that meeting, ask to see a recent wedding they have worked on and ask any questions you may have.

After that meeting, book them!

Then as a photographer, once I book a client, I love to send a little welcome present to my new clients. So once you book me, be excited for a gift in the mail.

To learn more about my wedding process, please click here.

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