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Janice + Zach | Richmond Maymont Engagement Session

How They Met.

Janice and Zach met playing field hockey at Mount St. Mary’s. At first Janice thought Zach was a jerk but quickly realized he was a sweetheart and it was a crush from day one. After an away game they became friends thanks to their shared interests in music, movies and tv. She was in love with him already but didn’t think he, a senior, would think of her, a freshman, that way. They stayed friends and starting talking more and more. J+Z have been inseparable since and decided to try a relationship in February 2017.

Tell Us About the Proposal.

On April 25 of 2019 Janice planned a dinner with Zach and his parents for his birthday and his parents anniversary. It was at Antrim 1844 where his parents married as a young child so it was special to him. They were having some cocktails with hor d’ouerves. Zach wanted to take pictures in front of the fountain, where we had taken pictures two years prior at his graduation celebration, and asked Janice to stare towards the sun to have a picture of just me. Zach then had Janice turn around and was on one knee. Janice was completely shocked! Immediately they called J’s parents and then the rest was history:)

Why Do You Love One Anther?

“I love him because he is always true to himself and a hard worker. He is my person and the one who always helps me and is there for me no matter what. I love that we can be goofy together, that we love animals just as much and the fact that he’s willing to travel with me, embrace my culture and spoil my love for books. He loves me because to him I’m the goofiest, weirdest and most passionate person he knows and I push him to make himself better and stronger every day. We work like a team and always make sure the other is ok. Respect is very big when it comes to loving each other.”

What is Your Favorite Aspect of One Another?

“My favorite aspect of him is his kindness and silliness.
His favorite aspect of me is that even when we fight I choose to be compassionate and loving and show him I will always love him very much no matter what.”

What Details in the Wedding Were Really Important to You?

“For our wedding it was important to have our family in it since we’re huge family people. We want it to be simple but full of love and we want to make sure everyone has fun. We eloped in 2019 to have a ceremony about just the two of us so we want a bigger ceremony to not only celebrate our love and union but also for our family. We also want to make sure to incorporate our faiths in this ceremony.”

How has COVID-19 Affected your Planning Process?

“COVID has really had us finding ways to make sure our loved ones feel safe. We’ve had to move the wedding a couple of times already and we had to plan it a bit smaller but we’re excited for October and can’t wait to see how it develops!”

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