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Jordan and Troy’s Fun Urban Couple’s Session

This past September, my college roommate Melody and I decided to take a gal’s trip to the Big Apple to spend quality time together and explore. As usual, I brought my camera and knew I wanted to photograph a couple while in NYC. I advertised for a couple to model for me in Central Park but no one took my bait. I started to become discouraged, but knew if I kept reaching out to friends, I would eventually find a couple to pose for me.

To my surprise, one of my college friends who lived in the apartment above mine, Instagram messaged me saying he had a friend who would love to model for me with her boyfriend.


I was so ecstatic and immediately started messaging this couple. I’m pretty sure they thought I was slightly crazy for having them ride from Hoboken, NJ to SOHO during rush hour but Jordan and Troy made it and met me randomly outside of and H&M in lower Manhattan.

Right away we clicked and the magical images came to life as the beautiful couple posed for me. For about 45minutes Melody and I took Jordan and Troy around SOHO and snapped photos while standing in the middle of busy NYC streets.

At the end of the night, I reflected on the session that had just occurred and I was so grateful for the community of followers who helped me find a couple. More importantly, I realized how thankful I am for Jordan and Troy who were willing to meet a total stranger on the corner of a NYC street and let her take their pictures for almost an hour. 

Now I can officially check that dream off my list. WOOHOO! I have officially photographed a couple in NYC and now I can say I’m looking forward to possibly shooting more in the Big Apple; maybe even a wedding!

Couple kissing on sidewalk in soho
Couple hugging on sidewalkk outside Tiffany and Co in soho
Couple lift in NYC city streets
Woman looking at camera with boyfriend
Boyfriend dipping girlfriend on NYC city streets
Couple lift NYC
couple snuggling nyc soho sidewalk
Couple post on street in soho, nyc
Couple pose in nyc
Cute couple nyc soho
black and white image of cute couple in soho
Couple in soho
Boyfriend and girlfriend pose on street in nyc

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