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My Favorite Richmond Wedding Vendors

Choosing the right vendors for your wedding can feel a bit overwhelming. You have your budget to think about, your design style, and well when you type in “wedding vendors” in Google, it can get a bit crazy with all the options. That’s why I want to compile a list of my RVA favorites that serve a wide variety of clients and are talented beyond belief.


A planner should be one of the first vendors you book and YES you should get one! Often, people think that you need a lot of money to have a planner/designer but that isn’t necessarily true. In my experience (I had a planner for my wedding), I ended up saving money and was able to better navigate the logistics of changing our wedding from 130 people to a small COVID-19 10 person wedding.


Flowers make my heart sing. I mean, who doesn’t love gorgeous flowers especially show stopping ones?! Flowers can really transform a space, table setting, and overall feel of a wedding. If you are scared that your budget won’t let you have the wedding of your dreams head over to this post about how to have luxurious florals without breaking the bank.


Perhaps the biggest decision is where to host your wedding. The venue gives your wedding the overall feel and vibe of what you want you and your guests to experience. From ballrooms to vineyards, each venue offers something different. But be sure to do your research about what each venue offers like tables and chairs, catering, etc.

Hair and Makeup

Every bride deserves to be treated like a princess on her wedding day and one of the best ways for that is to have a team of hair and makeup artists come to you. On your wedding day, I’m sure you want to look your absolute best, look great in photographs, and have hair and makeup that lasts all day. To check all those boxes, professional hair and makeup is a MUST. Here are a few of my favorite artists that never cease to amaze me with their skill and talent for bringing out your natural beauty.

Looking for a photographer? Contact me here to learn more about my packages and how I might be able to best serve you on your wedding day.

For even more vendor recommendations, please contact me 🙂

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