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My Personal Fall Break in The Virgin Islands

I has almost been a week since I landed back in the States after a relaxing family trip to St. Thomas, USVI. If you aren’t familiar, St. Thomas is a tiny island in the Caribbean close to the north east tip of South America. So basically, it’s a stunning tropical island surrounded by beautiful blue water. St. Thomas is also home of the infamous Black Beard who is known as a pretty successful pirate.

As background, my family and I have been traveling to St. Thomas for about 10 years now and it has easily become one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in need of some sun and sandy toes. For the few days that I did visit, I spent it laying on the beach soaking in the rays and roaming the streets of the near-by “city” to snap a few images. Actually, my earliest memories of holding a DLSR camera are in St. Thomas as I tried to get the perfect angle of an iguana crawling across the sand or a wave crashing on the shore. When I look back at those old images, I’m shocked at how bad I was (haha!), but I’m grateful for how much I have grown and learned over the years.

Dreading the cold weather that I would eventually become my fate, I packed up my suitcase and stuffed all my many swimsuits until the baggage barely zipped shut. I was sad to say goodbye to 85 degree sunny weather and sun-kissed skin, but I had great things waiting for me in Baltimore, such as my handsome fiancé and my last AKP wedding in Emmitsburg, MD. I may not be able to live in a hut on the beach and stay forever but I can guarantee that I will be back on this tropical oasis soon and one day I hope to even do destination weddings on the gorgeous Caribbean islands.

Beautiful sunset on St. Thomas Island
Beautiful sunset St. Thomas Island
Ivy on wall on St Thomas island
plants on steps st. thomas island
House with shutters on St. Thomas Island
House windo on St. Thomas island
House with steps on st. thomas island

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