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Our Covid-19 Wedding| Baltimore Basilica

How Aidan and I Braved The Pandemic During Our Wedding

A classic white, pale blue and navy blue intimate small wedding at the Baltimore Basilica

This is what feels like the 100th time I’ve sat down to write this post. It often felt overwhelming and frankly heart breaking. My life was thrown for a serious curveball when COVID-19 hit the States. So instead of me sharing how the virus affected my and Aidan’s wedding and life plans, Aidan will share with you.  

Hi there! Aidan here. Like many other brides and grooms during this time, COVID-19 stripped away something that Alex and I had spent months of time, energy, and excitement on. We had planned on being married in the cutest venue which used to be a cotton mill in Baltimore City. Alex had found lovely vendors for food, music, flowers (we were even going to have a huge floral installation hanging over the bridal party table which was very exciting). Alex put so much time into making a wedding along with the planner, Betty Lou Events, that they could both be proud to show to family, guests and even magazine publishers.

When the shutdown started happening in March, Alex and I both started to get anxious. We continually talked on the phone (we were a long distance couple) but kept pushing our decision away so as to avoid it. We were hoping that something would miraculously change and we would be able to keep everything as it was. Needless to say, that didn’t happen and we had to cancel our wedding plans. We had originally planned on getting married on May 9th. Despite cancelling the big wedding with all our guests, we wanted to keep our date. However, with the shutdown we were unable to get our marriage license due to the courthouse being closed and not distributing any licenses  (typically you have to be in person in order to get one). Alex and I were heartbroken even more now that we couldn’t even simply get married. 

After some mourning and time, the courthouse finally allowed us to get a license without being in person and a new date was picked out; July 11th. While it wouldn’t be the same as before we finally would be able to start our life together. For me, the lead up to the wedding came so quickly. I had started back up in dental school and was rushing trying to finish lab work from last semester that we had missed and was starting on new assignments for the year starting. It was a crazy time for sure!

I think we both had some apprehension about our new date and wedding. Instead of 130 guests, it would be 11. Instead of a wedding venue for the reception, it would be Alex’s home. It seemed so much was taken away that our wedding would lose some of its “magic” and grandeur. I had to continuously pray for peace and ask to have thanksgiving in our wedding

A classic white, pale blue and navy blue intimate small wedding at the Baltimore Basilica

Despite our initial fears, our micro wedding turned out to be the best day, and the best way for Alex and I to get married. Only having our immediate family made the wedding so intimate. Even though there were only 11 present in the church so many others came to watch on our live stream (thank you for joining us if you did!). Alex and I felt so much love during our reception and the number of people there could not dampen the weight of the vows that we took that day. 

Following the Nuptial Mass we had a cocktail hour and reception at Alex’s family home. It was beautiful! Alex and her mother spent so much time rearranging the living room into a dining room and beautifying the backyard. With the help of some candles, decoration, our wedding planner and florist, the house transformed into the perfect reception space. We were able to keep our vendors and enjoy their services to our hearts and stomachs content. 

While it could have been a joyous day with a somber cloud, I think that our micro wedding was the perfect way for Alex and I’s nuptials. God gave us the perfect opportunity to deepen Alex and I’s relationship through the struggle of changing our date. He gave our individual families time to grow closer in an intimate setting (the wedding weekend was the first time that my brothers met Alex’s parents and sister). 

Alex and I also learned a few lessons about our life together as well; No matter how much we plan there will always be some curveballs. All we can do is roll with them. As long as we get through them together leaning on God anything can be overcome. May 9th may not have been our wedding date, but it is still a date that we will continue to cherish. After all, the date is on both Alex and I’s wedding gifts to one another (we didn’t want to change them). It will be a constant reminder that life is unpredictable and crazy but love always rings true. I am quite fond of our new date because every time I pass a 7/11 I am reminded of our vows and on our anniversaries we can get free Slurpees! Isn’t that convenient! =)

A classic white, pale blue and navy blue intimate small wedding at the Baltimore Basilica


Planning/Design:  @bettylouevents 

Photography:  @mharris_studios

Florist: @everydayroseevents

HAMU: @jkwbeauty 

Stationary/Calligraphy: @stephgcallig

Catering: @hooplacatering

Dress: @gamberdellabride @mikaellabridal #2161

Cake:  @bramblebakes

Transportation : @ridethoroughbred

Groom Suit : @francosfineclothier

Bridesmaids dresses: @bellabridesmaids

Rings: @nelsoncolemantowson 

Earrings: @oliveandpiper

Shoes: @bellabelleshoes

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