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Spring Break: OBX

All Caught on Film

I can’t remember when exactly… maybe November or December, Aidan and I decided to book an Airbnb in Outer Banks, NC. I remember having a hard week and chatting with Aidan about wanting to escape for a bit and just be together since we don’t really get that luxury (we are long distance and now we are stuck apart during COVID19). To make me feel better, Aidan pulled up the Airbnb app and found the CUTEST place (click here to book it)! After that, we booked it, eagerly waiting for the end of February.

To make sure it would a trip to just relax and escape, we made a rule of not using our cell phones or posting on social media (this rule is mostly towards me). I bargained and we eventually agreed to only bring along my film camera. WOOHOO! I finally would have a great backdrop to practice with my Contax 645 and fuji400h film roll.

For 4 days Aidan and I spent every morning on the beach (it was 40 degrees!) reading, gazing out into the sea, or flying a kit. We had the whole beach to ourselves. It was truly a special time that I will cherish especially as we live life very far apart right now.

After snuggling on the beach, we’d head back to the bungalow, watch Grey’s Anatomy (this is Aidan’s first time watching it so don’t share any details!), make radish sandwiches, which are now perhaps my favorite sandwich! Aidan even taught me how to play Backgammon. Before this trip I always thought the actually board for Backgammon was cool but never actually learned. Now I’m a big fan of that board game and will gladly play at any time.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of the bungalow that we stayed in was the amazing sound system. It was decked out and even had a record player! We used this thing religiously during our stay. We wanted nothing more than to take the whole thing back to Richmond.

As a look through the gallery below, you’ll notice that not all the images are perfectly focused or refined in the most pristine way, but I love each one because they will forever remind me of this trip with my fiancĂ©.

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