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The “Family-Moon” | St. Thomas, USVI

Tropical Getaway with The Parents of The Bride

When you think of a honeymoon what do you think of? For some its white sand, clear blue water, margarita in hand, big plush bed, alone time with the new spouse. Others, it might be traveling around Europe trying all the best wines or hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Those are all great honeymoon ideas and they all come to my mind too.

What if I told you Aidan and I went on a what we now call a “family-moon”? It’s like a honeymoon (destination travel after getting married) but with your parents. In this case, my parents.

I can already tell there are some puzzled looks on peoples’ faces and I get it. Why would newly weds go on a romantic tropical vacation with the bride’s parents? Well, why not!

Truth be told, this wasn’t Aidan and my real honeymoon. We had a beautiful one planned before Covid-19 pretty much ruined those plans. We were going to go to Zion in Utah for some glamping and then to Arizona for an all-inclusive resort experience. NICE RIGHT!? We were so excited but when plans changed we rolled with the punches.

My parents happened to be going to St. Thomas, USVI a week after our new wedding date and graciously invited the two of us to join and relax before starting “normal” life in Richmond.

This trip was perfect! Everyday I had white sand in my toes, tropical Caribbean water surrounding me, a margarita in hand, a plush bed to get snuggly in, and alone time with my new hubby. At the same time, we got to hang out with my parents as we traveled the island to show Aidan all the gorgeous beaches and our favorite food stops (St. Thomas travel guide coming soon!).

Aidan and I were very blessed to have parents willing to share their vacation with us and grace us with a relaxing, fun-filled trip as newly weds.

But don’t worry! Aidan and I will eventually go on our honeymoon when the timing is better and the situation has cleared up. But until then, thank you mom and dad for a great start to married life!

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