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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Guest Blog by Elizabeth Wilson of Elizabeth Wilson Makeup Featuring a Styled Editorial Directed by Elizabeth.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Over the past 5 years I have worked with countless brides on their wedding day. Here are my reflections and what I’ve learned over the years. Continue to read my tips for wedding day makeup!

I believe first and foremost when working with brides as a makeup artist,  that I am here to facilitate a calming and welcoming presence in which a bride feels understood and heard while planning for a major life milestone.  

The makeup for your wedding day is just one piece of the puzzle in a tapestry of elements that make up your wedding day. At the same time, you, as the bride, are the focal point so it often feels like a weighted aspect of the planning process. As an artist,  I do not believe there is no one right way to apply makeup for your wedding, at the end of the day, it is your wedding. What I do believe, is that when looking back on images of your wedding day, what one should see emulated forth is a timeless quality that is reflective of the love you share with your partner.  

Here are some helpful tips I have found for when working with brides on their wedding day:

Tips and Thought Provoking Questions for Your Wedding Day Makeup

  • What is the feeling you want to convey on your wedding day? 
  • What is the color palette of the wedding? This can influence the makeup artists’ color choices so that the color scheme is cohesive.
  • What makeup products do you normally apply on a daily basis? Do you normally wing out your liner or apply a certain color lipstick? If you typically use a certain product on a daily basis, it could feel like a stark contrast not to do this on your wedding day, so make sure you tell your artist if you have a certain element of your makeup routine that is especially important to you.   
  • Do you have any skin sensitivities or allergies the makeup artist should be aware of?
  • Pick out one-two inspiration images to show your artist, it can be helpful to convey your hopes and desires for your wedding day makeup. When looking at your inspiration images, ask yourself: why do you like what the model looks like and why? Oftentimes, what an image can convey to us, is our hopes and dreams for how we want to feel on our wedding day. It also can point the artist in the direction of the technical application for applying a product. Inspiration images can bring about a shared understanding and mutual container from which you and an artist can develop rapport and trust. 
  • Drink plenty of water, rest, and find a trustworthy esthetician or skincare routine, this will help your makeup apply best on your wedding day.  (I can do a whole blog post on this one!) 

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