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Why You Need a Wedding Planner by Pia Crone

Today’s post is a guest post by Pia Crone of First Comes Love Wedding + Event Planning.

Hey there! My name’s Pia Crone and I’m the owner of First Comes Love, a DMV Based wedding planning company. When my sweet friend Alex asked me if I’d be down to write a couple minute read on the importance of hiring a planner, I jumped right on this idea because being in the wedding planning industry, I’m aware that wedding planners can often be considered one of the more optional wedding vendors. Unlike hiring a photographer or a DJ, which are non-negotiables for someone planning their wedding, hiring a wedding planner doesn’t often really feel like a make or break scenario. Especially for my awesome, hands-on bride that wants to have control over the planning. You might be thinking “I can do all the planning myself, I don’t need a planner!” Well I think that’s amazing and totally badass! You probably CAN plan your whole wedding yourself. I’m not saying that every bride needs a full planner for their wedding because everyone is different. But before writing off hiring a planner, ask yourself these questions:

Why do you want a professional photographer to capture your wedding day as opposed to asking one of your friends with a camera to take your pictures?

Why do you want a professional catering company to provide your food and not your mom’s friend’s cousin that loves cooking and has catered for all work parties?

Why not just get a friend to iPod DJ your wedding? He has Spotify Premium right?

Did you think about it!? I’m sure the answer is something like “I want to make sure I have the beautiful IG worthy pictures” (because let’s be honest, we all do it for the ‘gram!), or “I want a professional caterer that can make delicious food for my guests.” Maybe you even said, “I don’t want someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing handling such an important event in my life!” If you thought something like that, we’re on the same page sis! I don’t want you leaving your wedding to someone without experience either.

So let me let you in or a little secret… the same question applies for wedding planning. Why do you want a professional wedding planner to make sure every aspect of your wedding is planned and executed painlessly? The answer is something like, “I want to make sure I have professional guidance before making decisions” and “I want to stay on budget, find the best vendors in the game, and make sure that everything flows effortlessly without me having to stress on my wedding day.”

If you’re a first-time bride, the thought of orchestrating an entire wedding is probably really exciting, but also kinda daunting. Chances are, no matter how organized and good at multi-tasking you are, you probably could use some extra help in at least one aspect of your wedding planning process. Whether that be finding and hiring vendors, managing your budget, or just having someone to manage your wedding day, a wedding planner is e-ssen-tial (insert clapping emojis here). We’re like your wedding insurance! A wedding planner is there to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and if something out of our control does happen, a good wedding planner can set out the fire without disturbing you or your loved ones on such a special day. Heck, a GREAT wedding planner will do all that without you even noticing!

Trust me girl, a wedding planner is SUCH a good investment to make when you first begin planning. And I’ll let you in on another secret… It’s actually a money-saving tactic! This isn’t our first rodeo, meaning that we know how to do the research, where to find the right hook-ups, and we know how to maximize your budget while still bringing your vision to life. And I’m not just saying that because I am one. I’m telling ya because we’re friends and I want you to be informed! So if you’re planning your wedding, find a planner that you connect with and ask them to talk to you about how they can best help you. The second you bring a wedding planner on board, they’re there for you every step of the way so you can have more room to relax and enjoy this wonderful engagement season.



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